Choosing an Alternative Location for Wedding Portraits | Omaha Wedding Photographer

When most people decide to hire a professional wedding photographer, the general expectation is to document a series of events throughout the day. There’s getting ready, walking down the aisle, saying “I-do’s”, the reception and everything in-between.

Sometimes, couples want just a little something more. A special time for the bride & groom to share their newlywed excitement at a separate location – away from the ceremony or reception site – where they can enjoy each other with a unique backdrop.

While it isn’t necessary (and maybe the timeline doesn’t allow for it), if it IS possible, having a special place for wedding portraits as a married couple can be an amazing way to document the special day. When planning your wedding, this is something to keep in mind and if it interests you, add in some extra time between your ceremony and reception. You spent months planning, choosing the perfect wedding gown and your groom is as handsome as ever. These are the special photographs you’ll love looking at in your album, in frames and on your walls.

Maybe you have a spot in mind already. If not, that’s okay! Gray Feather Weddings will help scout out locations within close proximity of your venue ahead of your wedding date. Whether it’s a country field, near a barn, a park or a downtown urban look you’re after, there are many alternative locations to choose from.

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